The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home in Panama City

Carly Sostheim

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home in Panama City

Finding the best time to list your home for sale can make the difference between it selling fast and for a high price or sitting on the market for weeks or even months. If you have flexibility with when you want to sell your house, then it’s worth investing some time into finding the perfect day to list your home on the market. Once you understand the market trends, you can determine the best time to list your house so that it sells when homes are selling at the highest average of the year.

When is the best time to list a house in Panama City?

When we talk about selling and listing a house, these two things usually happen at different times. It takes time to sell a house, so in order to determine when you want to list the house, you must first decide when you want to sell. Based on national averages, the best time to sell is June if you want to maximize the sale price. On the other hand, if you just want to sell fast, then the best time to sell is July. However, these figures vary by location since the best time to sell is influenced by the seasons and weather, interest rates, and market conditions.

On average, it takes about three months to close on your home from the date that you list it on the market. Therefore, you should list it about three months before the date that you want to sell.

For example, in Panama City Beach, Florida, the combined data for every year since 2014 shows that the best time to sell a house to maximize the sale price is August. Houses that sold in August sold for 20% more than the yearly average. That means that in order to sell in August, the best time to list the house would be in May. If you are more concerned with selling your home fast, then the best month to sell would be January. Houses that sell in January tend to sell much faster than the yearly average. To sell in January, you would list your home in October.

Although they sell fast in January, keep reading below to learn why we don’t recommend listing your home in October to sell in January.

The months that houses in Panama City sell faster than average and at higher prices than average are October, November, and December. In order to sell during those months, you should list your home sometime during July, August, or September.

When is the worst time to list a house in Panama City?

While it’s helpful to know the best time to list a house, it can also be good to avoid listing your home at certain times. The lowest sales prices on average in Panama City Beach are in March. As you can see, at the same time that houses sell fast, they sell at lower prices. The slowest time to sell a house would be in May.

Both April and May show lower-than-average sale prices and longer-than-average days on the market, so avoid listing your home in February or March.

It’s important to note that based on data from the entire state of Florida, May and June are the best times to sell for a high price on average, which contradicts the data from just Panama City. Even though the facts and figures can help you make an informed decision about when to sell, it’s also subjective and based on your personal goals and circumstances.

What is the best day to list a house?

While the time of year will make the most impact on your sale, the day of the week can also play a role. Thursdays are the best day to list a house in order to maximize the sales price. By listing on a Thursday, you will get plenty of interested buyers at your open house on Sunday, and their offers will roll in on Monday morning. Make sure that you are ready to sell when you list your house. Have all your staging done and your listing copy and professionally-taken photographs ready to go.

How to sell your house fast no matter the time of year

If you need to sell your home fast and it’s not the ideal time of year to maximize price, there are still things you can do to close quickly on your home. Researching the local market so that you really understand how you can negotiate with buyers will help you keep the price of your home higher than average.

Next, hire a real estate agent about six weeks before you plan to list your home on the market. Not only can they help you find the perfect day to list your home to maximize the sale, but they can also guide you through paperwork and prepping your home, and they can be there during open houses to show buyers the best features and highlights of the house. Real estate agents are experienced negotiators, ready to convince buyers to put in a high offer on the house.

Lastly, the house needs to be ready to be shown to potential buyers when you list it on the market. Make sure you have decluttered and depersonalized the home by removing family photos. You might consider adding a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior to make the house look nice and taken care of. Don’t forget to touch up the landscaping in the front yard and ensure the house appears inviting to buyers.

Are you ready to start the selling process?

Having an agent on your side who knows the Panama City real estate market well will help you find a buyer quickly and negotiate a good selling price. If you are ready to sell your home, reach out to Carly Sostheim, a local real estate expert. She looks forward to taking your call!

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